“Eat well, travel often.” It’s as great of a quote as I’ve ever seen. It’s simple, short, sweet, profound, and encompasses profound wisdom in four short words.

For those of you that follow my travel blog already know, I absolutely love quotes! (Yes I’m getting to the food & juices in another few paragraphs I promise).

“Eat well, travel often” is the perfect quote to greet you once inside this quaint little restaurant/juice bar called Bajuice. When you’re looking for a healthy and organic genuine breakfast in Puerto Rico or simply the best breakfast in San Juan – this is my favorite place and I can’t recommend it enough to travelers staying in the Metro Area.


First and foremost, Bajuice has grown organically from the young creative minds of husband and wife team Jonathan & Juliana. Their business has evolved from an idea they once had years ago that there were no really great “healthy breakfast / juicing” places in San Juan– so one day they decided to just do it themselves!

That decision has turned their passion of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating right, juicing and detoxing the body into a full blown business that keeps them busy for a reason – all their customers love this place, including me!

Grand Opening – Isla Verde + Condado Locations

In the Summer of 2015, Bajuice has grown so much that they had to move into two new beautiful spaces in Isla Verde and Condado to compliment their Guaynabo location.

The Isla Verde location is next to the Intercontinental Hotel on Avenida Isla Verde at 5757 Ocean Tower and is a major new level up from their roots and original Isla Verde location that was too small to handle the demands.

The Condado location is situated perfectly for travelers walking around in the morning, as it is pretty much right next to the famous La Concha Hotel on Ashford Avenue.

No matter where you’re staying in the Metro Area, you will definitely have the opportunity to wake up in the mornings and take a short walk towards the best breakfast in San Juan.

The Breakfast Options

Okay, so now you know how to get here now for the best part – the breakfast! Each day you will be greeted with a sample breakfast “plate of the day” which can range anywhere from the delicious Fluffy Pancakes filled with mouth watering strawberries and a special dressing poured over them (my favorite!), all the way to their Healthy Start breakfast of 4 egg whites splashed with turkey, ham, and organic cheese.

If that doesn’t call your culinary attention, then go for the Amazing French Toast. These are absolutely divine as you’re treated to cinnamon swirled pangs of this unique flair to French toast slathered with delicious fruits. Bajuice also offers delicious “El Burro” burritos that come with scrambled eggs and cheese in a special concoction that tastes great.

Of course, Bajuice also offers its customers an assortment of healthy bowls to choose from: Acai or Fruit bowl. The Acai Bowl is topped with granola and banana, coconut, and agave. Depending on your breakfast appetite, you’ve got nothing but great choices to choose from.

Brunch + Lunch

If you happen to be somebody that wakes up a little later sometimes and really love brunch, there’s also some cool options for you at Bajuice.  Check out their Chicken Wrap which features fresh tomato, romaine, and dashed of garlic, walnuts in balsamic dressing.  There’s a full assortment of sandwiches and wraps with creative fresh inventions to choose from.

The Juices & Smoothies!

By far the highlight and star of the show at Bajuice is course, simply, the fresh juices and smoothies. But seriously, they are some of my favorites to try a new one each time I come in.

The PREGGO MOMMA featuring honeydoo melon, grapes, lime, kiwi and seaweed is an interesting choice of ingredients that don’t disappoint.

MUCHO PROTEIN is a perfect blend of protein, banana, strawberry, blended with a dash of water and your choice of vanilla or chocolate that is just ripe for those who work out and enjoy the fit lifestyle.

There are various others that are so, so good.  You should definitely give this place a shot.


While I have been basically been in a cave writing and finishing this upcoming book and working on this very website (wow it’s a ton of work!), I had the pleasure one day of meeting the owner Juliana & her husband Jonathan after having eaten there.  I got a chance to hear their story, and they got a chance to hear mine, and we’d say we would try to help each other since we’re both “growing organically.”  I want to write that as a disclaimer that after our friendly conversation that we agreed to do this sponsored post article while they would help us promote our book launch to their customers.  We seem to be attracting the same type of people:

  • Travel Lovers
  • Body, Mind, & Soul Lifestyles
  • Foodies, Healthy, & Energetic People!

But I do genuinely love this place.  It’s not expensive.  It’s local.  It’s organic.  It promotes a healthy lifestyle.  The food is great.  The service even better.  Just go, and enjoy 2 Free Juices or Smoothies thanks to Juliana & Jonathan so you can give them a try!

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Location Information + Hours

Isla Verde: Ave. Isla Verde – 5757 Ocean Tower – Next to Hotel Intercontinental – 7AM-6PM

Condado: Next To La Concha -7AM-6PM

Guaynabo: Equilibrium Fitness Club, Corporate Office Park, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico