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Puerto Rico Mountains – Cordillera Central Range – Part 1

By |November 19th, 2014|

The most remote section of the island and by far its least traveled by tourists visiting the island is the Puerto Rico mountains range that literally slices the country down the middle from west to east, and what separates also the north and south section. Many consider the middle of this island as the spiritual heart of the island.

The Cordillera Central Mountain range is the spine and backbone of the island providing vast and impressive peaks and valleys featuring winding roads through small mountain towns in an impressive 167 miles that can literally make you dizzy with all the turns. We imagine the allure of first coming to Puerto Rico when deciding to travel here is the beaches, Old San Juan, the beautiful people, the food, but the fact remains that the “real Puerto Rico” is right at the tops of mountain peaks that dissects the island.
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