I first met Frank M. Rodriguez while working for a theme park in Miami, Florida called Parrot Jungle. I was coming in to be a Human Resources Assistant, and Frank worked training and taking care of the animals to perform in their “magic shows.” His infectious laugh and general openness towards others was evident immediately, and he definitely put on a good show performing those parrot tricks in front of hundreds of people.

I instantly connected with Frank as in our first conversation we spoke about music and our favorite bands. It was obvious he was going to be one of my friends from that moment I decided. What I didn’t know at the time, was that Frank’s talents as a singer/songwriter would years later become one of my favorite “singer/songwriters.”  It’s an interesting thing to actually know somebody who’s songs I admire.

Having said that, however, it always wasn’t so easy for Frank to get to the point where he wrote “Graceful Savage ” – one of my all time favorite albums.  I listen to alot of music from world famous artists, but this album is really in my all time Top 10 for the rest of my life.  I’m not saying that just because I know Frank personally. I’m saying this and writing about it because it’s f***** good!  Not quite as good as bacon, but it’s in the freakin’ conversation!  His journey and creation of these songs was a long and arduous road which is still unfolding.

When he first shared the beginning roots of these songs as a demo to gauge my feedback, I saw immediate potential even though they were raw at the time. Frank simply put his head down and went to work day in and day out to produce this musical masterpiece.   A year later, his songs were born to great critical acclaim.

Graceful Savage is simply a masterpiece because her songs weave a story. It tells his story. It tells my story. I’d even guess it tells your story if you place yourself inside these songs and can concentrate and focus on phenomenal lyrics and stripped down & naked music.

From the beginning coda “The Muse’s Lullaby” which instantly invokes the soul, to the passionate storm of “Weathervane” you cannot simply listen to this and not marvel at the “too real” emotions emanating from Rodriguez. The voice and emotions are completely supported & supplanted by the genuine, inspired, and other-wordly lyrics that “bleed with love.” The lyrics dance, the metaphors tease the other songs that came before and after them, and more importantly, the songs are felt.

There’s no greater compliment to an artist than to have your art felt, even if it’s by only one person. An artists creates from the soul, the heart, and the body. Frank M. Rodriguez is a musical artist. I’m honored and humbled to have felt and connected so much to these songs that I’ve made a book out of the brilliance of these songs.  Our lives seem to be parallel to each other.  At one point after the lowest of the lowest periods in my entire life, he told me “It’s a blank canvas.  What are you going to create?”  I never forgot that.  I’ve chosen to create this.  With his music of course.

That’s the ultimate Thank You. Buy his album. Don’t spotify it. Buy it. Then go for it – whatever that is to You.  Or whoever that is, of course.

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Album Link – Song Links Below


The Muse’s Lullaby



The Silent Dance

Just As Lost

Born On A Snowflake

Ghost Orchid

Belong To You

Graceful Savage

Alter Ego



Cradle Of Fire

“Falling to the west, you got me rising in the east
I wanna lick your body clean
I’m not as gentle as I seem…
When the Fire’s inside me burn…..
Where I’m holding on to You,
Where I’m holding on to You
You’re a whirlwind in my weathervane,
A cyclone twisting ’round my head
So baby should I…
Kneel down and pray?
Unleash the heavens when I speak your name?
To the sculptor of this masterpiece
Lines spread against the edge of my name…
Weathervane, weathervane, weathervane
Frank Rodriguez


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