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Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico

By |May 10th, 2016|

The longest and furthest trip you can possibly take when traveling to Puerto Rico but with a tremendous pay-off is to visit Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico – specifically Playa Sucia.

The drive down 52 South is in our opinion one of the nicest and most scenic drives you can take in Puerto Rico.

Caja De Muertos Reminds You To Live Life Fully

By |October 29th, 2014|

The most prominent land feature your eyes naturally drift off towards when you’re looking at the ocean as your driving in and around Ponce is that strange island off in the distance to the south. It’s just out there – calling you and beckoning you to go and visit. If you really look at the island, you’ll see its formation looks exactly like a person is lying horizontally on top of the water. You can clearly see a “head,” a “body,” and the extension all the way to the “toes.”  We’re assuming that’s why the island is called Caja De Muertos – or Dead Man’s Coffin because from afar it does look like someone is resting in peace. When I finally went to the island and explored it for ourselves, it was indeed a peaceful tropical paradise that cannot be missed!

While Ponce is not known for its beaches, in my opinion that is a significant […]