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Playa Buye Puerto Rico

By |May 18th, 2016|

Beautiful Blue Waters In SW Coast
Playa Buyé Puerto Rico is also one of the prettiest beaches on the west coast of Puerto Rico. Getting here is a bit of an adventure, however just follow the directions and look for the signs that point towards Playa Buyé. Parking is another mystery sometimes, but hopefully you’ll find the parking at the hotel available and pay the $3 to get in. If not, find a spot outside the gates and make your way in.  This is a pretty short blog post only because sometimes words don’t or shouldn’t describe a place – so you should see it and take it in for yourself if you happen to be traveling near this part of Puerto Rico.  It’s definitely one of our top 5 favorite places in the island.

The locals of Puerto Rico come to this beach as its not “touristy” at all. Keep in mind that on busy holidays […]

Light at end of the Guajataca Tunnel (or is it a train?)

By |November 5th, 2014|

Perhaps the most stunning and awe-inspiring scenic vista happens when you’re driving in Puerto Rico on PR-2 towards the west coast and you suddenly come upon the high majestic view of the ocean and mountainside that forms between the towns of Quebradillas and Isabela.

You really can’t miss it as you’ll first notice the incredible view as far as your eyes can see, and a huge Puerto Rican flag and an observation deck to observe the beauty.  It’s known as the Lookout Point – The Flag (La Bandera). You definitely have to park as soon as you see this and take in the views (because if you’re driving the parking comes up on you pretty quickly since it’s an expressway so go slowly so you don’t miss it!)

There are food kiosks and picnic tables here as well and from this point you can view the waves crashing on the shoreline in stunning fashion, the Guajataca River […]