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    We know that if you’re on this page about camping that it’s all about finding the hidden gems!  Discover just a few with this sampling.

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    We know you’re there are lots of logistics and essentials to take care of.  We’re providing the 1st Day Trip you can take in Puerto Rico once you settle down featuring hidden gems and fun places to explore!

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    The sample chapter provides some essential links with Trip Advisor to make your planning easier!  Don’t just trust our recommendations.  Get easy and logistical access to the businesses/sites by region.

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Shawn Michael Diaz

What’s your story?  It’s a question I asked myself before deciding to take a “leap of faith” and move to Puerto Rico in 2010 to follow my dreams and passion of traveling.  My story is one clearly exhibited in my book so I’ll leave that for later.  For now?  I’ve been living in Puerto Rico now 5 years and love it!  I know how hard it was to get information when I first moved here and figured I’d be of service to YOU and put it all together in an easy/cool format.  Hope you find it of value!

“To change with change is the changeless state.”


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