Living In Puerto Rico Is What Life’s About

What’s it like living in Puerto Rico?  Well, in a brief second that you’re reading this – it’s great!  Many factors are involved obviously to determine where you are coming from and what you’re expectations are.  What is it you’re looking for?

If it’s weather, sunshine, beaches, caves, nightlife, food, culture, passion, and a thriving people (don’t let the media fool you), then you may have found what you are looking for.

If it’s Act 20/22 that’s making you want to know what living in Puerto Rico is all about then you will be happy that not only will your investments grow, but so will your appreciation for nature and living in an island vibe for the time you reside here.

My personal experience?  I feel the past 5 years has been nothing short of a great experience.  I didn’t ever expect to live here, and once I did live here for a year, I didn’t think I’d stay here 5 years.  After being here 5 years now, it’s getting hard to leave so it’s looking like I’m staying.

Moving To Puerto Rico

There is a post I wrote last August that has a pretty comprehensive list of A-Z of what you can expect regarding logistics that have to do with living in Puerto Rico.  See this link:  Moving To Puerto Rico.

The Day To Day Life

There are so many variations to your day that of course it depends on what type of person you are.  You can easily wake up to see the sunrise on a beautiful beach and have your morning exercise and jog along the coastline.  After you’re done you can have a local Puerto Rican breakfast and have some coffee and empanadas.  Head into the office around 9:00AM braving some traffic (although not as bad as some cities in the United States).  After a few hours of work, food beckons your appetite once again and stop by one of the many options you have for lunch.  You get the drift.  Life and living revolves around food and work in Puerto Rico – not to mention drinking, dancing, and outdoor sporty activities.

The Best of the Best Of Living in Puerto Rico

The best of the best is discovering this island on your own.  There’s not a Google search in the world that will answer your question as to what makes your choice easier whether or not you will take the plunge to live in Puerto Rico.  You have to answer that for yourself.  However, I can tell you that I wrote a 715 page FREE Interactive Travel Guide book that may be able to make your answer clear regarding living in Puerto Rico.  It’s the best of the best I’ve found from living here, and I go into much more depth to answer your question.  Just download the book below by entering your email.  You’ll at least get a great glimpse of my experience.

“Find a beautiful place and get lost.” – Unknown

Download The Free Travel Guide & See For Yourself What The Island is Like

See yourself what Puerto Rico’s about for you.  There’s so much more than meets this simple blog post.