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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Whether you are traveling to Puerto Rico for business or pleasure we understand first hand how time consuming the research, logistics, and booking phase of your trip are.

Where to go?  What to do?  Where to eat?  How to get there?  Who’s opinion to trust?

We’ve done the work for you and are at your service and welcome you for one simple goal.  Place your vacation in our hands and trust us so you have a blast!

Puerto Rico Revealed is a labor of love for those traveling or moving to the island.  It is an interactive guide book (iBooks or PDF) so you can start researching and get ideas for your Puerto Rico trip, yet it is also something beyond more… For YOU, of course!




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What are they saying?

Amazing Time

“Our stay was memorable and great service we received from the staff, especially concierge Shawn Diaz.  He really knows the island and gave us some great tips.  He also helped us book a restaurant on one of the nights and really made sure we were well taken care of in Puerto Rico.  We had an amazing time.  Thank you Shawn.”

Big Thanks

“Big thanks to the Concierge team & Shawn!  Shawn spent an hour calling several boat cruises to get me and 5 others onto a boat ride when all of them were overbooked with just a few hours notice – something everyone in our group called a miracle.”


What YOU Will Get

  • 718 + Full Color Pages + Videos Of The Best Spots To Check Out
  • Secret “Off The Beaten Path” Places
  • Interactive Google Maps Links w/ Precise Directions
  • Genuine Reviews of Restaurants / Hotels / Camping / Tour Companies & Excursions with TripAdvisor Links
  • 5 Day Full Itinerary (The Story Of Circling The Island)
  • Culture: Art, Music (Links), The People of Puerto Rico
  • Best Beaches, Best Waterfalls, Ultimate Mountains & Hiking Trails

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Meet the Author

Shawn Michael Diaz

What’s your story?  It’s a question I asked myself before deciding to take a “leap of faith” and move to Puerto Rico in 2010 to follow my dreams and passion of traveling.  My story is one clearly exhibited in my book so I’ll leave that for later.  For now?  I’ve been living in Puerto Rico now 5 years and love it!  I’m originally from Miami, Florida of Cuban descent.  I know how hard it was to get information when I first moved here and figured I’d be of service to YOU and put it all together in an easy/cool format. If you’re moving or traveling/vacationing to Puerto Rico have your questions answered!  Hope you find it of value!

“To change with change is the changeless state.”