“Our people are artists that create from the pen. Our people are people of great words.

If we know ourselves better, then we will be prouder of who we are and what we have in Puerto Rico.”

-Ricardo Alegría

Puerto Rico Tourism Traveling Information

They say planning a trip begins the moment you begin researching and planning the trip “in your head” before you get to your destination. If you’re planning a trip to Puerto Rico (or moving to the island), then this section will give you all the information and basics you will need to get started. Remember, you don’t need a VISA to travel to the island if you’re coming from the United States! It’s very easy to get here without any hassles!

Keep in mind this is general information and short to get you started, but our travel guidebook has everything you need to see the best of this island and is completely in-depth!

Top 10 Beautiful & Sexy Reasons To Visit Puerto Rico:

1. Proximity & Economics – Easy for Quick Getaway
You won’t spend as much as you think you will and you’ll get here faster than you can imagine.  Average 4 hour trip depending on where you’re from, it’s really not the #1 reason if you keep reading.

2.Nature & Adventure – Many Worlds To Explore in Diverse Landscapes
Um, let’s just say this place is a dream playground for those who love nature and adventure. You need to see this place. It’s a must. Just do it. Bring your sneakers and get them muddy!

3. Beautiful People
Physically beautiful people. The hottest you can imagine, the most beautiful, and the most passionate and exotic mixture of races known on this globe. Period. .one more just to show just how beautiful. Point made. Literally.  I mean, just check out these really ridiculously good looking people in the picture below!

4. History & Culture
Peace, nature, spiritual, Spanish conquest, killings, cultures conquered, defending the city, African slaves, forts and sea battles, a goddess, women, divine intervention, faith, christ, United States conquest, killings, cultures conquered, defending the city, modern day slavery, red or blue, independent destiny or a United State?, culture, music, art, music, dance, passion, living in the moment, life, thwarted economies “sky is falling” media mantras, and all of this leading into tomorrow’s untold story of Puerto Rico that’s JUST beginning to dawn…

5. The Food & Local Cuisine
Imagine your mouth exploding with new sensations and savory feelings of pleasure as you taste the best food and local cuisine of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean. Writing about food is absurd. It’s like eating about writing. Kinda hard to do. Just taste la comida criolla. Trust me. Trust yourself more to at least try.

6. It’s an Exotic Island and the Weather is Perfect
Ok, “perfect” is a marketing ploy. It’s not always perfect. I’m exaggerating there on #6. Sometimes it rains and gets muddy and thunderstorms will “ruin your day.” But if you ask me, those are some of the perfect days if you know how to play them. So kinda perfect? That’s more honest.

7. Passion & Pleasures
Ok, you got me, this is the “sexy marketing ploy.” See how I use the word passion and pleasures and your mind instantly goes there? Yeah, me too. Anyways, Puerto Rico will definitely bypass and exceed all your senses when it comes to whatever passion or pleasure you seek in your travels. Whatever you’re looking for, it’s waiting for you here.

8. Safe to Visit & Explore Entire Island
Yeah I know the thoughts, will I be safe? YES you will. It’s very easy to navigate the roads and the people of Puerto Rico are known as the friendliest and happiest in the world by some magazine surveys conducted. It’s not only safe, it’s imperative you do explore the entire island! Use your own common sense and way of being. Greet with a smile, and a smile is returned…It’s simple to travel and to not be a tourist if you come with the right frame of mind.

9. The Shopping! Premium Outlet and International Malls
Guys, trust me if you’re coming with your girl she needs to know there is “A level” shopping going on. There is. I had to list this as a Top 10 Reasons To Come To Puerto Rico to attract the female readers, but actually I’d rank this as #75 on my list if only the Bros were reading. See our interactive travel guide for more information.

10. Most of your Life’s Bucket Items “To Do’s” are easily done in Puerto Rico in 5 Days!
How do I know? I figure if you’re reading this far and are that interested in coming to Puerto Rico…then I figure you’re doing it to see new places and do things and experience new things just as I did when I first moved here. Fortunately for me I’ve gotten lucky and have been able to share these “To Do’s” for Puerto Rico in this interactive guide book. For now though, as I scratch off my own new “to do’s”, I’m also now realizing it’s a matter of seeing things in a whole new perspective.

By the way, Puerto Rico requires you to fill out a “Top 10 Reasons Why We Should Host YOU?” Application Form with the Hacienda Government offices. They kinda have a chip on their shoulder as if Puerto Rico is the center of the galaxy. So you gotta play along…

Reason #1 or #11 To Come To Puerto Rico?

Because this is what YOU love doing.

beautifulpeopleprSee!  Told you there are really, really, really ridiculously good looking people all over the island of Puerto Rico!

Top 10 Natural Wonders of Puerto Rico

1.Río Camuy
North shore sights chapter 11

2.Canyon De San Cristobal
Cordillera central mountain range sights chapter 14

3.Río Tanamá
North shore sights chapter 11

4.Playa Sucia
Day 2 Adventure chapter 5 “El Paraiso Viene”

5.La Parguera
South shore sights chapter 13

6.Cueva Del Indio
Day 4 Adventure chapter 7 Arecibo/Utuado

7.Mosquito Bay
Day 1 Adventure Vieques Island chapter 4 “Your Journey Begins”

8.El Yunque Rainforest
Day 1 Adventure chapter 4

9.The Underworlds of Caving System of Puerto Rico
No chapter some secrets and mystery should remain

10.La Pared – The Underworlds of Scuba Diving
Activities & Adventure section chapter 17

El Morro

Top 10 Places To See in Puerto Rico

1.Castillo San Felipe “El Morro”
Day 5 Adventure chapter 8

2.Castillo San Cristobal
Day 5 Adventure chapter 8

3.Old San Juan
Day 5 Adventure “Magic Flight”

4.El Yunque Rainforest
Day 1 Adventure chapter 4

5.Bioluminescent Bay
Day 1 Adventure chapter 4

6. Cabo Rojo
Day 2 Adventure chapter 5

7. La Ruta Panoramica of the Cordillera Central Mountains
Cordillera central mountain range sights chapter 14

8. Piñones
Day 1 Adventure chapter 8

9. Arecibo Observatory
Day 4 Adventure chapter 7

10. Culebra/Vieques Offshore Islands chapter 16

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[content_box title=”Interactive Travel Maps” icon=”map-marker” image=”” link=”” linktext=”Learn more”]Know where you are at all times on the island with our interactive links to the secret places we describe. Makes your life easier to take these road journeys, believe us![/content_box]

[content_box title=”5 Day Adventure” icon=”magic” image=”” link=”” linktext=”Learn more”] The complete itinerary to see about as much of you can of this island in 5 days! Circle the island and see all of it for yourself and with those you love. Plus much more![/content_box]
[content_box title=”Being a Traveler” icon=”thumbs-up” image=”” link=”” linktext=”Learn more”]Jump into the unknown. Be a Traveler, not a Tourist. The island awaits…[/content_box]

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“Hey reckless mind,

Don’t throw away your playful beginnings”

-Dave Matthews Band – Warehouse

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