Whether you are traveling to Puerto Rico for business or pleasure we understand first hand how time consuming the research, logistics, and booking phase of your trip are.

Where to go? What to do? Where to eat? Who’s opinion to trust?

We’ve done the work for you and are at your service and welcome you to Puerto Rico and aim for one simple goal. Place your vacation in our hands and trust us so you have a blast!

Puerto Rico Revealed is a labor of love for those traveling to this island. It is an interactive guide book (iBooks or PDF) so you can start researching and get ideas for your Puerto Rico trip, yet it is also something beyond more…. For YOU, of course!

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What They Are Saying

“Our stay was memorable and great service we received from the staff, especially concierge Shawn Diaz. He really knows the island and gave us some great tips. He also helped us book a restaurant on one of the nights and really made sure we were well take care of in Puerto Rico. We had an amazing time. Thank you Shawn.”
Natalia M, New York, Trip Advisor
“My 2nd time coming in a year. Shawn booked us a great trip, the staff is wonderful, I am planning on going back as soon as I can!”
Kelly Arnott, Canada, Trip Advisor
“Big thanks to the Concierge team & Shawn! Shawn spent an hour calling several boat cruises to get me and 5 others onto a boat ride only 24 hours away - something everyone called a miracle.”
Asheley E, NYC, Trip Advisor

Writing a BOOK Isn’t About The Money

(It’s About Being Of Service To YOU)

Making money from this book project is wonderful – but it is only one benefit. Meeting people from all walks of life from all over the globe is one of the best side effects of publishing this book.

I wrote this book as it was a passionate project of mine to tell a story in my own unique way, yet also help those traveling to the island of Puerto Rico have the best time they possibly can.

I’m not Puerto Rican (see About Me), yet I understand your mentality when traveling here. It takes work to plan an itinerary. It takes hours of research to know where to go. Since I didn’t find enough good material in a comprehensive form when I first visited the island in 2010, I had the fun idea to write this interactive book that also tells a “story.”

I’ve traveled the island for 5 years, and wrote the book in 2.5 years. It was a lot of hard work. It’s not just about the money as you’ll see when you download this book and see for yourself.

It’s about being of service to you. This means exactly that. Whatever we can do to make your visit to Puerto Rico easier (especially from the most difficult part – the planning stage), we are here for you via email or phone call before you arrive. If (like me) you love to plan and do everything “on your own,” then that’s even better! This book is totally for you!

What’s Inside the Book (Video Intro)

  • 700+ Full Color Pages + Videos of the Best Spots To Check Out

  • Secret “Off The Beaten Path” Places

  • Interactive Maps w/ Precise Directions

  • Adventures & Activities To Do

  • Genuine Reviews of Restaurants / Hotels / Camping / Tour Companies & Excursions

  • 5 Day Full Itinerary (The Story Of Circling The Island)

  • Culture: Art, Music, The People of Puerto Rico

  • Best Beaches, Best Waterfalls, Best Mountains, Best Hiking Trails

  • Trip Advisor Links To Every Restaurant, Hotel, Tour Company to make your research easier!

  • History of Puerto Rico – Where It All Began

  • Offshore Islands Vieques & Culebra + Mountain Range of Cordillera Central

  • Quotes, Songs, Thoughts, Questions, Answers, Endings, Beginnings + More!

  • 3D Interactive Models, Pictures, Videos, Maps + More!

  • Immersive Interactive Travel Book That Comes Alive!

  • Best BEST of All – It’s Awesome! See for yourself :).

Begin Your TRAVELS Beyond The Pages…

“Our people are artists that create from the pen. Our people are people of great words. If we know ourselves better, then we will be prouder of who we are and what we have in Puerto Rico.”

– Ricardo Alegria (Father of Modern Puerto Rico Archeology)

Chapter 1

  • Dedication
  • About the Author
  • How to use the book

Chapter 2

  • Taino Story
  • History of Puerto Rico
  • Her future destiny?

Chapter 3

  • Before Arriving FAQ
  • What to Bring
  • What to Know

Chapter 4

  • 5 Day Itinerary
  • The Journey Begins
  • Circle the Island

Chapter 5

  • Preparing for Trip
  • Essentials to Pack
  • Driving in Puerto Rico

Chapter 6

  • 1st Video/ Rio Tinajas
  • Piñones, El Yunque
  • Hidden Beach + Night

Chapter 7

  • Day 2: Cabo Rojo
  • Salt Mines, Beaches
  • Hiking Coastline Trails

Chapter 8

  • Day 3
  • Sunset Sail Charters
  • Rincon + Treehouses

Chapter 9

  • Day 4: Cradle of fire
  • Caves, Waterfalls
  • River, Satellites and More!

Chapter 10

  • Day 5: Old San Juan
  • Forts, Castles, Artworks
  • Hiking route through city

Chapter 11

  • Just As Lost
  • Weathervane
  • Cradle of Fire

Chapter 12

  • Metro Area Sights
  • Condado, Isla Verde
  • Santurce, La Placita

Chapter 13

  • North Shore Sights
  • Dorado, Arecibo, Utuado
  • Exotic Geography

Chapter 14

  • East Shore Sights
  • Luquillo, Humacao
  • Fajardo, Ceiba, More

Chapter 15

  • South Shore Sights
  • Ponce, Guanica
  • Dry Forests + Kayaking

Chapter 16

  • Mountain Range Sights
  • Panoramic Route
  • Camping Spots

Chapter 17

  • California of Puerto Rico
  • Rincón, Mayagüez
  • Best Waves & Beaches

Chapter 18

  • Culebra & Vieques
  • Ferry Information Tips
  • Exploring Paradise

Chapter 19

  • Tour Excursions
  • Reviews & Information
  • Best Tour Companies

Chapter 20

  • The People of Puerto Rico
  • Who They Are
  • Faces of History

Chapter 21

  • Music of Puerto Rico
  • The Best Musicians of PR
  • Evolution of Music

Chapter 22

  • The Arts of Puerto Rico
  • Campeche, Oller
  • Contemporary Artists

Chapter 23

  • Hotel & Lodging Information
  • Direct Trip Advisor Links
  • Money Saving Trips

Chapter 24

  • Getting around PR
  • Transportation Choices
  • Car Rentals, Taxis Info

Chapter 25

  • Food of Puerto Rico
  • Best Restaurants, Chefs
  • Local dishes to try!

Chapter 26

  • Moving to Puerto Rico
  • Vital Information to Know
  • Before Moving to La Isla

Chapter 27

  • Glossary & Indez
  • Using this book Tutorial II
  • Google Maps Links

Chapter 28

  • Tomorrow
  • Thank You’s
  • New Page


  • What version of the book should I download?

    The heart & soul of the book and way better flow is clearly in the iPad version that tells the story via the full videos, interactive elements, maps, and much more!  If you opt for the PDF version, we will still email the full version of the videos (but it’s not the same experience as in the iPad version).  It’s simple.  If you have an iPad definitely get this version.  If not, the PDF will work just fine in your other smart tablets.

  • What if I Don’t Like The Book?

    That’s cool.  We can’t please everyone.  The most you would lose is 345MB of your hard drive space that you can delete just as quickly.  YOU have nothing to lose, really. 

  • How can you really help ME plan our trip to Puerto Rico?

    Because we are good at this.  Download the book.  Get a feel for what we’ve done and seen in Puerto Rico. We’ve even done the work so you can even do all of the planning for yourselves.  As a traveler of the island, a former concierge at a major hotel, and somebody that genuinely believes in being of service to others we invite you into this world. 

  • You didn’t answer my questions.

    WHATEVER questions you have I’d love to help:  Send me a personal email at shawn@puertoricorevealed.com

What Are They Still Saying?

“Hi! How are you? So I have friends going to PR next week! And I told them about the amazing adventure you guys took us on. I was wondering if I can share your info with them and maybe you guys can get together”
Jessica F. California, Email
“Shawn I want to thank you for your response to my email, and continued success to you and your endeavours. Hope there is an avenue for this dialogue that can raise some sort of awareness to the masses. Many times, I talk to Puerto Ricans some young, some old…and many of them do not know the history of their land, culture, religion, music. Taíno Indians, Cacique, Agueybana Boriken. Good luck y Dios te Bendiga!”
David R, New York/Miami, email



PDF Ultimate Bonus Package

  • Includes:
  • Full Book in PDF Version for Android Users
  • Individual Chapters For Quick Download
  • iPad, iPhone 8.4+, or Android
  • Updated Content + Videos Emailed
  • Bonus Content & Services
  • Google Maps App 4.2 for iPad, iPhone, Android
  • 345mb (iPad / iPhone) or (69mb PDF) + WIFI